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Win a Golden John’s Phone.

The Golden John’s Phone is special designed by John Doe Amsterdam for all your golden moments. The Golden John’s Phone is good for unexpected celebration moments to wish good fortune, wisdom, and a successful future. To have a Golden John’s Phone is the best guarantee for a bright future.

You can be the lucky one and become one of the first callers with the limited edition Golden John’s Phone. Just take part in this contest:

Win a Golden John’s Phone.
How to win the golden John’s:

1. Follow @johndoeams and send this tweet from your Twitter account:

See it here:
#goldenphone #johndoeams

2. Retweet this message from @johndoeams.

3. Do both; tweet and retweet. (option 1 and 2) but you have to follow @johndoeams in order to win.

But remember there are only 10 winners and if you are not one of them don’t be sad you can still have a Golden John’s Phone later. Buy one and it’s yours! Good to remember it is not important how you become a winner, but how you get a Golden John’s Phone.

Or (NEW):

4. Tweet an original message about John’s Phone and hashtag it with: #goldenphone #johndoeamsterdam

Other requirements for this contest.

You must send the tweet from an account that is not protected. If we can’t see the tweet because it is deleted or protected, you can’t win.

The winners will be announced weekly on Twitter by @johndoeams. So every week 1 or 2 winners.

The exact date of the contest will be announced on Twitter by @johndoeams.

So start following John doe Amsterdam to win the Golden John’s Phone.

Maybe you will get lucky.

UPDATE [27th Oct]:
Friday 29, we announce the first winner of one of the 10 golden John’s Phones on Twitter.
Stay Tuned.
UPDATE [30th Oct]:
First winner of the first Golden John’s phone is announced on Twitter. 9 more phones to go. NOTE! Twitter message will change next week!
UPDATE [Nov. 4]:
Two more winnersof the Golden John’s phone announced on Twitter. 7 more phones to go.
UPDATE [Nov. 15]:
3 more golden phones to win! Be original…
John's golden phone is about the color gold and not the metal. John's Phone is designed by John Doe Amsterdam and assembled in China. Copyright John’s Phone. A trade name of Phone from the Supermarket BV.

John’s Phone is not only very basic…

It is also very soft.

What is happening in Mexico with the few people that have a John’s phone? Follow us on Twitter

John’s Journey to the Netherlands.

John’s journey takes a bit longer than expected. It’s a hard journey. We received a few photos from John’s journey and we think it will arrive shortly.

The long- awaited dumb Phone arrived in the USA.

First ‘What’s in the box’ pictures.

More than 200 display designs in the most simple phone.

True simplicity has to be more than skin deep, more than a façade.
Does our mission statement fit the every component of the phone?
Our mission statement is just a simple and functional phone which does what it promises: calling wherever you are. Every component/ aspect of the phone is simple.

Design should not only look great but it should also fit its purpose. That is why we designed John’s Phone very user friendly what means very practical and easy.
Although you can not text with John’s you can see the incoming/outgoing numbers.

John’s Phone has a special designed screen on top of the phone.
For this screen we designed over 200 graphics. Graphics carefully designed for a particular screen size. In the screen you meet Fony. Fony is John’s character, who shows up in your screen to say welcome, hello, bye and much more.
Fony represents all kind of different aspects of John’s; Fony makes John’s a friendly phone.
For instance while the phone is charging you see Fony getting electrocuted. Or while the phone is stand-by you see Fony sleeping in his bed.

Not in every screen you see Fony, we designed many screens without Fony
Like the screen for to pre-program your John’s phone with phone numbers.
Your favorite numbers can be pre-programmed and saved under each numeric button. A little animation with stars shows you that you saved a number under the chosen key-button.

My favorite feature is John’s Energy.

The battery is a unique feature on John’s phone. We wanted the battery life as long as possible to fits is promise of most simple phone.
In order to have a great energy capacity it was necessary to make the display as small as possible. But on the other hand the display should be clear and useful. All the graphics should be readable.
As battery icon we chose to use John’s logo. The logo gets smaller and bigger depending how much energy is left in the phone.

Designing the display screen was a great deal of work as it only uses 128 x 32 pixels. We wanted the display to be white with black graphics so it has a clean and graphic feel.

Hidden secrets
Some graphics are hidden and can only be found by a few lucky people. has the most respected ‘hands on’ review of John’s Phone.


Dutch link.

English Translated.

John’s funky colors and components to spice up your call.

The main color of your phone can have an effect on your mood.

John’s phone is designed in special colors. The color of a phone can really make or break a great design.

About colors;  a color can influence our mood and our thoughts. Colors affect people in many ways, depending upon one’s age, gender, ethnic background or local climate. So it’s important to choose wisely.

We always wondered why all phones look so serious; all those black/ grey small boxes we carry around every day  just look so dull. Why?

Why not a bright pink phone? Or a superloud raspberry-and-yellow checked phone?

Unique colors, like brown, pink and  green, can get your phone noticed.

A phone‘s color reflects the taste and mood of the buyer.

Pre-Order at our little webshop.

Note:  Whatever color you choose make sure it’s in the color you enjoy.

John’s in China.

Hein in China (Guangzhou) with the first working proto type in 2006.

Test models from 2007.

Late 2006 design sample.

We got many Chinese friends. In 2006 and 2007 Hein traveled the most to China to do production checking, raw materials confirmation, etc. The best way to work in China is to be there. By visiting you definitely learn who not to do business with. So we traveled a lot to China and visited many factories in China. We got a huge mix, good and bad manufactories. The best factories are the one with Government contacts, they are highly influential and using the Chinese Government system to assist you as a buyer will “guarantee” better products, delivery and financial transactions.