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John’s Phone in museum.

John’s Phone in Museum of Ideas and Inventions in Barcelona. miBa, the Museum of ideas and inventions of Barcelona miBa, which opened last week, was a great success. miBa is a place that fuels creativity, ignites minds, and provides great ideas. This innovative scenario was born by the hand of the media inventor Pep Torres. Pep is like the Lady Gaga of the idea world: a constant wave of ideas and energy who is nearly impossible to ignore. Pep immediately felt in love with the invention of John’s Phone. At the opening Pep and Hein Mevissen, the inventor of John’s Phone, were interviewed together for several TV broadcasters and radio. John’s phone is part of the permanent collections of the museum and is also for sale in the shop at miBa. MiBa is located at the centric street of Barcelona, Ciutat nº7, near the famous Plaça Sant Jaume.

John's Phone on display in MIBA exhibition.

Pep Torres (Director of MIBA) and Hein Mevissen (Inventor John's Phone) talk to the Spanish tv.

Diederiekje Bok (Inventor John's Phone) interviewed by Spanish tv.

The opening of the exhibition in the MIBA.

John’s Phone in the US

Hurray, John’s Phone goes to the USA.
John’s Phone will be available for purchase starting March 1, 2011 in the US. We will announce the price on this launch date.

12 of the Year’s Best Ideas in Interface Design.

John’s Phone made it to Fast Company’s Co.Design list of best ideas in Interface.

Suzanne Labarre (Fast Company):
‘John Doe Amsterdam, the designers of John’s Phone, take the opposite, less-is-more approach to phones. To that end, their cell device — which they bill as “the world’s simplest” — does just two things: It takes and receives calls anywhere around the globe. Nothing else. The idea here is to do away with all the useless special features that make cell technology wasteful and inaccessible to many users. Appropriately, the interface is stripped down to its most basic parts — an oversized number pad and graphic call and hangup keys that even a toddler could figure out.’

Read full article here: Fast Company

John’s Christmas wallpapers for you.

As always we like to give all the iPhone users longing for a John’s Phone a gift. This time a few Retina wallpapers for all the iPhone 4 users. So you still have a little John’s Phone on your home screen. Don’t forget to move a few icons on your homescreen so it is visible.

Merry christmas.

For more updates follow the designers of John’s Phone on Twitter: @johndoeams

The Lock Screen wallpaper.

John's Phone / John Doe Amsterdam 2010 © | Designed by Hein Mevissen

John’s Phone / John
Doe amsterdam 2010 © | Designed by Hein Mevissen
John’s Phone / John Doe amsterdam 2010 © |
Designed by Hein Mevissen
John’s Phone / John Doe Amsterdam 2010 © |
Designed by Hein Mevissen
John’s Phone / John Doe amsterdam 2010 © |
Designed by Hein Mevissen
John’s Phone / John Doe amsterdam 2010 © |
Designed by Hein Mevissen
John’s Phone / John Doe Amsterdam 2010 © |
Designed by Hein Mevissen

The unboxing video of this week.

It’s an emotional unboxing video this time;-)

A great review of John’s Phone.

What else is there to say?

Some presents for iPhone users…

It seems that a lot of  iPhone users secretly long for a John’s Phone. To make the process of switching to John’s phone easier we’d like to give those iPhone users some John’s wallpapers to get used to the idea of having a John’s phone. Or as we always say: ‘Buy your second Phone first’.


The launch of the Golden John’s.

Today  is the day John’s launches it’s Golden Phone.

This limited edition is available through our webstore and at department store de Bijenkorf. Tonight between 6 and 7 there will be a launch in de Bijenkorf on the 3th floor. Everybody is welcome to attend. From 7 this limited Golden John’s phone will be available for purchase in the store.

Some photos of the launch:

The Mobile Phone Market

During the past ten years the mobile phone market has experienced major progress. Where ten years ago having a mobile phone was exceptional, nowadays not having one is exceptional. At least 80% of people under the age of 13 has a mobile phone.

Now that the market is approaching saturation, the only way to stand out is by innovating and by encouraging replacement purchases.

The newest mobile phone is an all-in-one device. Besides text messaging and  msn, the phone can perform more, ranging from a 5 megapixel camera which produces pictures of considerable quality, to a GPS receiver to navigate with. Wi-fi, mobile broadband, internet, radio and Mp3. The newest phone has a multitude of functions. Phones with no extra’s have become rare. There’s an overkill of information and details. In an organic movement every person finds his or her own rhythm and approach to new technologies.The obsession with innovation numbs the desire for simplicity.

The consumer wants simplicity. And John’s gives the consumer it:

The simplest mobile phone ever.

Generally speaking it can be said the world is getting smaller thanks to globalisation. The world is also becoming more complex thanks to increased information and developed technology.

Despite as well as thanks to fast technological innovation, the world is becoming increasingly complex. Consumers are overwhelmed by a large amount of information and new technologies. Due to the short lifespan of products, the speed of innovation and consumers’ restlessness, it is more important than ever for products to excel in ease and simplicity.