The Mobile Phone Market

During the past ten years the mobile phone market has experienced major progress. Where ten years ago having a mobile phone was exceptional, nowadays not having one is exceptional. At least 80% of people under the age of 13 has a mobile phone.

Now that the market is approaching saturation, the only way to stand out is by innovating and by encouraging replacement purchases.

The newest mobile phone is an all-in-one device. Besides text messaging and  msn, the phone can perform more, ranging from a 5 megapixel camera which produces pictures of considerable quality, to a GPS receiver to navigate with. Wi-fi, mobile broadband, internet, radio and Mp3. The newest phone has a multitude of functions. Phones with no extra’s have become rare. There’s an overkill of information and details. In an organic movement every person finds his or her own rhythm and approach to new technologies.The obsession with innovation numbs the desire for simplicity.

The consumer wants simplicity. And John’s gives the consumer it:

The simplest mobile phone ever.

Generally speaking it can be said the world is getting smaller thanks to globalisation. The world is also becoming more complex thanks to increased information and developed technology.

Despite as well as thanks to fast technological innovation, the world is becoming increasingly complex. Consumers are overwhelmed by a large amount of information and new technologies. Due to the short lifespan of products, the speed of innovation and consumers’ restlessness, it is more important than ever for products to excel in ease and simplicity.

2 responses to “The Mobile Phone Market

  1. Sure, simplicity is great and I would really like to have a phone like John’s phone in terms of design, except for one thing: no text messaging? It seems like it’s only a software thing since there is a graphical screen.
    Too bad.

  2. Sms is not a difficult thing to integrate. In fact, it’s easier to make a phone WITH sms then without.
    We did it to contain simplicity. Having sms means you need 5 more keys. You need a 4 point key and an OK button to use sms. Also the creen needs to be bigger and you should be able to have a digital address book in order to see who is sending you the sms.
    There is more to designing a simple phone then just adding features. Losing features, downgrading your design is much harder.

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