How to Write a Good Law Essay


Law is a set of rules that are created and enforced through social or governmental institutions to regulate behavior. Its precise definition is a matter of longstanding debate and it has been described as both an art and a science. Law has various functions including establishing standards, maintaining order, resolving disputes and protecting liberties and rights. It can be state-enforced, as in the case of a criminal law system, or it may be self-enforceable, as in the case of a contract law system. It may also be a mixture of both.

The laws in force at a particular point in time are called legal norms. The concept of legal norms is central to the study of law. The study of legal norms focuses on the conditions and implications for their implementation, namely the relationship between the state and the citizen.

In a legal article, a legal writer needs to write with a clear purpose and an organized structure in mind. It is essential to make a smooth transition between the introduction and analysis of the topic. The author should also clearly explain the practicality of the principles he or she discusses in the article. This can be achieved by referring to authorities, such as statutes, law dictionaries, legal decisions, foreign legislation and cases, and obiter dictum.

Another important aspect of legal writing is avoiding cliches. Legal readers are exposed to many different articles on a daily basis and they can quickly tell whether or not the authors have used common phrases and cliches in their writing. It is essential for the author to avoid these cliches not only because they will make the article difficult to read, but also because it can taint the reader’s opinion of the author.

A legal article should also be free of bias. It is important to present all the facts surrounding the topic without presenting any personal opinions or views. This is vital as it prevents the reader from feeling cheated or manipulated by the author. It is also important to cite all sources of information used in the article, as this will allow the reader to check the accuracy of the facts and views presented.

There are several subjects to consider when deciding on a topic for a law essay. The most prominent topics include labour law (which involves the tripartite industrial relationship between worker, employer and trade unions), civil procedure (which concerns the rules that courts must follow as they go about judging a lawsuit) and criminal procedure (which deals with the laws regarding how crimes are prosecuted). Each of these subjects can be further broken down into several sub-topics, such as torts, contracts or evidence law. The different subjects in turn affect other areas of law, such as the rights and obligations of citizens. Some of these are active, as in the case of privileges and powers, while others are passive, such as claims and immunities.

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