The Different Types of News


There are many different forms of news. There is hard news, soft news, politics, and entertainment. And of course, there is social media. While these all have their merits, the best news is the kind that gets the most attention from the audience. In this article, we will look at the different types of news.

Soft news

Soft news refers to news that relates to art, lifestyle, and entertainment. It can take the form of print articles, television programs, and magazines.


Entertainment in the news refers to the news coverage of the arts and entertainment industry. This includes theater, film, music, dance, abstract distributing, television, and radio. Entertainment reporting focuses on how these industries impact mainstream society. It often focuses on shows or events that draw wide crowds.


Politics is a set of activities associated with making decisions within groups, including the distribution of status and resources. As such, it is a subset of social science.

Social media

Social media in news refers to the use of social media as a news source. These platforms are more effective than traditional news sources.


The study of journalism has always been a problematic area. Its definition has been a constant source of dispute and contention among journalists, educators, and scholars. It has been the subject of many critiques and claims that it is out of touch with audiences and the times.

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