The Rise of Social Media in Journalism


During the last decade, news reporting has evolved into more than just the reporting of news. The advent of social media has changed the role of journalists and audiences. It has also helped to create an ironic account of news events, and has even sparked debates about what news should actually be.

Soft news

Often compared to hard news, soft news is news centered around entertainment and human interest. Soft news focuses on the personalities of celebrities and their lives. Some soft news stories may offer tips on buying a computer or exercising.

Soft news is often found in entertainment outlets, such as tabloids, and syndicated US-based programs. Soft news is also found in regular features in network news magazines, such as Dateline NBC, ABC Primetime Live, and CBS 48 Hours.

Soft news often involves the use of first-person references, such as “my” or “my daughter’s” or “my son’s.” A soft news story also emphasizes emotion. This makes it easier for readers to understand.

Judgment guidelines

Despite the sexy shmoozes abound in the newsroom, a little caution is a good thing. Taking a break from the office may have a multitude of benefits, most of which aren’t monetary in nature. Taking a well-earned break may also serve to reduce stress and tension, both of which are conducive to creative thought and ingenuity. As such, a mini-vacation is a good idea, and not just for your bank account. The following tips and tricks will help ensure that your vacay is an all-round success: (i) be mindful of your colleagues, (ii) make a habit of keeping an eye on the clock, (iii) avoid eyeing your mates, and (iv) remember to take your dog for a long walk at lunchtime.

Impact of social media on the roles of journalists and audiences

Despite social media’s widespread use, there is a gap in knowledge about how it affects journalists’ roles and the roles of audiences. As platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit continue to gain importance in journalism, scholars are beginning to explore how social media interacts with journalistic practices. Some scholars have focused on journalistic practices and business models, while others have focused on questions of intra-journalistic insularity and organizational innovation.

In the past decade, scores of academic studies have been published on how social media affects journalism. Many have been positive in tone, with scholars assuming that social media will benefit journalism and individual users alike. However, a recent study finds that social media may be hurting journalism in several ways.

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